I have a wide range of TV, Theatre and Event equipment ranging from 50W Birdies to 5kW Tungsten lights. As technology has changed I have expanded that to include various LED Lighting fixtures and a number of Hybrid Spot/Beam/Wash Moving light fixtures

Lighting control - Chamsys MQ60 Desk, Expansion Wing and Mini Wing.

Lighting fixtures available:


20 x PAR64 - CP61, CP62, CP 88, CP89 bulbs (Black)

12 x PAR 38 - Flood (Chrome and Blak)

8 x Strand Lighting SL10 15-30 and 25-50 Zoom

12 x Berkey 1kW TV Pole Op Fresnel

10 x Ianiro 2kW TV Blonde

12 x Ianiro 800W TV RedHead

12 x Ianiro 500W Mizar

12 x Strand

2 x Ianiro 2kW TV Castor Fresnel

1 x DeSisti 5kW Fresnel

12 x 50W Birdie with Tungsten or LED Bulbs


6 x Stage Wash 64 RGB

6 x RGB PAR Can with 16 or 25 degree lens

2 x i-Pix BL4 with 10 degree narrow Beam



6 x Velux 350W Spot / Beam / Wash Moving Lights

Power: Extension cables and Distro:

13A - 2 way 13A extensions (White or Black cable) 10m

16A - 16A Extension 10m and various other lengths up to 30m

15A - 15A Extension 10m and various lengths up to 20m

32A - 32 Extension 10m

63A - 63A Extension 10m

63A - 32/16A Power Distro

32A - 2 way 16A Splitters

16A - 2 way 16A Splitters

Microphones, mini-mixers, speakers, cabling, amplifiers.



I usually supply equipment as a full package, with Design and Installation.

Individual equipment is available - please enquire